Monday, 8 May 2017

More Science in Room 3

This week we have enjoyed exploring some different science experiments. 
We have been watching the liquids change in front of our eyes and using different materials to see this happen. 
On Friday we completed the Milk experiment using food colouring, milk and dishwashing liquid.
We made predictions about what they thought would happen when they were all mixed together. 
We thought it would make bubbles, explode or make a rainbow.

When we added the dishwashing liquid to the milk and food colouring it pushed the colours to the outside of the bowl and made colourful swirls. 

After we completed our experiment we did some writing about what we saw happen. We had to include adjectives into our writing.


  1. Well done Room 3! Awesome to see you all making great observations in Science!

  2. Awesome Room 3 the photos are great seeing you guys having fun with dye